Coloring My Extensions

Updated 2 years ago by Zena

Glam Seamless hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and can be treated the same that you would your own natural hair. Our extensions are able to be dyed in the event that you would like to customize your extensions.  We recommend using only semi- or demi-permanent hair dyes and having a professional stylist dye your extensions. The hair dye should be applied on the extensions leaving out the tape top, which can be compromised if chemicals are applied.

If you are dying your hair as well as your extensions, we recommend doing those services separately and allowing at least 72 hours to go by before you install extensions to your chemically treated hair. Please note that any chemical service will affect the adhesive on tape-in extensions and contribute to your extensions slipping out.

Please know that performing a chemical service such as applying hair dye to your hair extensions does void our warranty and we are unable to assist if something were to happen to your extensions. Again, we recommend having a professional stylist perform the coloring service to avoid any issues that may come up.

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