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Are you a certified stylist looking to get certified in our Glam Seamless Extension installation methods for yourself or your salon? This would be the perfect opportunity to gain more clientele and traffic! We have worked with celebrity stylists David Lopez as well as Chris Appleton and are ready for you! Depending on the needs of your business and what you are looking for we are sure to have the package that is right for you. We offer individual sized Education Packages for any client who may be looking to advance themselves in their career! This option would be best for anyone who is not ready to commit to a full partnership but would like to get certified in our methods gaining a spot on our Salon Locator. This makes it easier for clients to find you! We offer both Tape-In, Glam Beaded Row, or a Freelance Boss Babe Package which is a perfect option if looking to be certified in both methods! Think money maker.

Tape-In Certification

Our educator Celebrity Hairstylist David Lopez will give you all the tools you need to perform the tape in hair extension method with our online education course. You will learn many different application techniques so you can customize each client’s hair extension experience. David will also share with you his celebrity stylist secrets and his experience on set as a celebrity and editorial stylist. You will also receive 15% Pro Pricing for 1 year!

Glam Beaded-Row

Learn one of the hottest extension methods from the Glam Pros from the comfort of your home and receive 15% off Pro Pricing for 1 year!

** We also do offer a variety of Partner Salon Packages for any stylist or salon owner who may be looking to parter with us! We have many benefits for any Salon Partnerships such as constant education and support, Pro Discounts and more! Read on for further information! **

Boss Babe Partnership

Whether you rent a chair, work on location, or are just getting started with extensions, the Boss Babe Stylist Package is the perfect thing to help you step up your service game with Glam Seamless extensions! You no longer have to do it alone with Glam Seamless at your side. We start you off with a Boss Babe Deluxe Starter Kit that has been meticulously curated for you, the freelance stylist. We then provide you with mentor-level online education and a certification in tape-in and beaded row extensions that can turn you into an extension expert on your own schedule. And it doesn’t end there because we continue to collaborate with you through dedicated brand support and ongoing pro discounts on all-things Glam Seamless. 

Silver Partnership

Whether you’re an independent stylist with an assistant, a small business owner, run a mobile beauty business, or want to go in with a stylist friend, this package sets you both up with everything you need to become the ultimate extension pros!  We offer in-salon training with a seasoned Glam Seamless Educator at our Glam Room in NYC and mastery certification in tape-in and beaded row extensions for two. Your Silver partnership also includes dedicated brand support and 24-hour access to our online educational platform.

Gold Partnership

The Glam Seamless Gold Partner Salon Package is perfect for a salon team of four that’s ready to take on multiple extension clients each month. Your Gold Partnership doesn’t just get you certified in beaded row and tape-in extensions; it allows your team to transform into the ultimate extension gurus through an immersive Glam Seamless Training Program. Your team works side-by-side with a master extension expert at our Glam Room in NYC and is given 24-hour access to our online courses for you to keep up to date on the latest techniques. 

Diamond Partnership

Your salon of eight stylists has finally reached the place where it can take on multiple extension clients per month, and now you’re ready to get certified! We love it and are here to take you even further with the Glam Seamless Diamond Partner Salon Package.  With hands-on, in- salon education at our NYC Glam Room and exclusive access to our online education platform, your team will receive the ultimate training experience paired with an unstoppable partnership with us!

Platinum Partnership

Your empire is well underway, and you have 15+ stylists with the capacity for multiple hair extension clients per month, so let’s get you all Glam certified in tape-in and beaded row extensions ASAP! With a unique education program and  Platinum Deluxe Starter Kits for up to 15 stylists, we offer in-salon training at our Glam Room in NYC with the  master extension education team and 24-hour access to our online education platform for some big-time extension 101!

Ready To Wear Partnership

Perfect for the non-salon retail outlet, the Glam Seamless Ready To Wear Partnership allows you to tap into unlimited retail revenue. This partnership features all the tools you'll need to retail Glam's hottest sellers.           Take your nail salon, tanning salon, or bridal boutique to the next level. Glam starts you off with a Ready To Wear Deluxe Starter Kit that has been meticulously curated for you. You'll also receive top notch Glam support, complimentary shipping within the United States, and be listed as a Featured Retailer on the Glam Seamless Salon Locator

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