Samples, Swatches, and Color Rings

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Glam Seamless offers a variety of swatches and samples that our customers can use to color match and try out the different extensions. The samples come in tape-in and clip-in form, but the shades are the same across all extension collections we offer. We recommend consulting with a stylist or contacting us for color recommendations before purchasing and choosing more than one shade for comparison. These samples are all available for purchase on our site and are sold as individual pieces (one regular clip-in, one beach wave clip-in, one 2-piece tape-in pack, or one swatch). 

1) The Clip-in samples are single Remy hair clip-ins with 1 clip at the top and come in all types of shades we offer.

2) Tape-in samples are a single pack with 2 Remy hair tape-in pieces inside, meant to be sandwiched, and come in all types of shades we offer.

3) Swatches are a small clip of hair and are only offered in solid shades.

We also offer samples to help our professional stylists educate their clients as well as practice installation methods. The Glam Seamless Professional Stylist Sample Pack includes a tape-in sample pack as well as 2 catalogs that can explain more about our extensions and about Glam Seamless as a company. Stylists who are just starting out or are taking one of our certification courses are encouraged to use Synthetic Hand-Tied Wefts or Synthetic Tape-Ins to practice.

The ultimate way to color match is using our Color Ring. The Color Ring includes our complete color selection, from solids and ombres to highlights, all the way to our pastel and vivid shades. This is ideal for stylists who work on a range of colors or for clients who want to physically handle all the colors we offer or change hair color often. We also offer a separate Fantasy Color Ring for customers who specialize in colorful hair shades!

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