Tips for Color Matching at Home

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Color matching at home can be a bit difficult especially for our customers who are not professional licensed stylists. We try to make the process as easy as possible and offer different methods to help such as FaceTimes with a member of our team or sending in pictures of your hair via email. That may still be confusing so we'd like to include a few helpful tips down below! 

  1. Our extensions are multi-dimensional. Our shades include natural dimension which means that the extension shades can be combined with a color lighter or darker and they will still blend. If you are unsure about the exact color reach out to us and we'll recommend a color and even if your hair is slightly lighter or darker the extensions will blend.
  2. We offer hair samples, either a swatch, tape-in samples, or clip-in sample, that can be purchased on our site. We recommend placing the sample or swatch under your hair to see if the extension will blend. Since extensions are not usually placed over the hair with exception of a ponytail, wig, bang, or topper, the best way to determine if the color will look natural and blend is to place it under, similar to how it will be installed.
  3. Some extensions are a bit easier to blend with your natural hair than others. Tape-in and clip-in extensions are very forgiving if your root does not exactly match or if you are installing extensions with highlights or a balayage. Weft bundles and Glam Band Halos are also very easy to blend. Ponytails are a bit different since they are wrapped around your own ponytail, so keep in mind that the way you choose the color of that extension may be different than how you choose a tape-in or clip-in extension.

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