Finding the Right Extension

Updated 2 years ago by Taylor Haines

Finding the right extensions for your hair can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you have never worn them before! Many factors need to be taken into account to make sure you are getting the perfect fit for your precious locks. Think about your daily routine!

Are you someone who can keep up with the maintenance of a Semi-Permanent install? This means the hair will need to be re-installed professionally every 6-8 weeks as the hair grows out! This extension type is great for anyone who loves having glam hair 24/7.

Are you someone who would like to use the hair for a special event and not have to worry about any maintenance? Are you more comfortable wearing your extensions only during your daily activities and sleeping without extensions in? You may be more suited for our Ready To Wear Collection. This collection is perfect for any babe who wants to look FAB without the hassle.

For any further questions and to find out which collection may be best suited for you we recommend contacting our Customer Concierge team. They are available to assist Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM EST.

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