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We understand that hair extensions are an investment and it may be easier to split up the payments rather than pay it all in one go. For this reason, we offer a 3rd party payment plan with Klarna. This payment method allows you to pay 25% of the total cost at checkout and the remaining balance is paid over the next 6 weeks. The remaining 75% is broken up into 25% increments that are automatically withdrawn every 2 weeks, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of when you need to make a payment. There is no interest charged on the amount and there are no hard credit checks. Please make sure to choose Klarna at checkout to proceed with this process! It will be one of the payment methods on the last page of checkout and you will need to "Complete Order" to be redirected to a separate page to complete the information on Klarna's site.

Checkout Portion
Hair extension checkout

Please note: Eligibility for this payment method is determined by Klarna, not Glam Seamless. Any questions on eligibility or issues with processing your order at checkout would need to be directed to their support team.

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