What Textures Does Glam Seamless Offer?

Updated 2 years ago by Taylor Haines

Glam Seamless offers a variety of textures in our hair extensions for any babe! Are you looking for FAB loose waves that will resemble mermaid goddess locks? Look no further than our Beach Wave Texture! This can be found in our Tape-In or Clip-In Collections! These waves resemble a 2A Curl Pattern.

Loose waves not your thing, maybe you are looking for a tighter wave? Our Wavy Texture resembles a cross between a 2C and 3A Curl Pattern and can be found in either our Tape-In or Weft Collections!

All of our Remy hair extensions will dry with a slight body wave to them! These extensions can be heat styled to be straight, waved, curled, or crimped!

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