Changing An Order

Updated 2 years ago by Zena

Once placed, customer orders are processed very quickly. Our warehouse is automated to have  orders packed and placed in shipping containers within minutes, so we cannot guarantee that orders can be changed. Because this process moves so quickly we really recommend that our customers double check the items in their cart before checking out making sure the address is correct and all payment information is accurate. We always try to accommodate our customers as much as possible so if you do notice that an error has occurred in the address or the order placed you are welcome to email us at as quickly as possible and our team will let you know if those changes are possible.

In the event that an incorrect item was ordered and our team is unable to change the order, we recommend placing a new order for the correct item and sending back the incorrect item in the original order for a refund. You are also able to wait for the original order to be delivered and then process an exchange. Exchanges can be processed through our Return Portal or you can reach out to our Customer Concierge via phone, chat, email, or social media; our team is always happy to assist!

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