Changing the Shipping

Updated 2 years ago by Taylor Haines

Glam Seamless appreciates and values all of our customers! While we understand errors may occur, we ask our customers to please double check their shipping information before placing an order. With the heavy daily volume of orders received, our warehouse processes orders as soon as they are placed. For this reason, we are unable to change the shipping information in our system once it is entered. Should this situation occur, GLAM would be happy to assist as much as possible. Once tracking is provided and seen as live, we are able to reach out to the local mail courier. We can attempt to have the package intercepted and "Returned to Sender." Once our warehouse receives the package we will reship out to the correct address!

Do you need your extensions in a hurry? If so, we ask you to please place a new order with the correct address. Once the intercepted package is received by our warehouse, we can issue a refund. If the item purchased falls under FINAL SALE, we will issue a store credit to be used on any future purchases.

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